• 17.07.2015

    National Workforce Development Fund Advice

    The National Workforce Development Fund was a highly successful program implemented by the Australian Government in 2011. Prior to the cessation of the fund in 2014, SkillsDMC supported over 14,000 new and existing workers in the Resources and Infrastructure Industry undertake workplace skilling programs. Please visit the National Workforce Development Fund page for further information on making a claim.

  • 29.04.2015

    About Us

    SkillsDMC is the global leader specialising in defining skills competency standards and workforce development strategies for the Resources and Infrastructure Industry. SkillsDMC covers the Coal and Metalliferous Mining, Quarrying (Extractive), Drilling and Civil Infrastructure sectors. Partnering with a range of clients across the globe including governments, non-government organisations (NGOs), extractive and civil organisations, and Industry peak bodies and representatives, SkillsDMC, provides integrated solutions to contextualise global competency standards to meet local needs for global supply. As the trusted skills advisor to Industry worldwide, close engagement underpins SkillsDMC’s expertise and intimate understanding of the Resources and Infrastructure Industry.

  • 16.01.2015

    RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package

    SkillsDMC is the producer of the globally recognised RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package. This Skills Competency Recognition Framework specifies the skills and knowledge required for workers to perform effectively in the Coal and Metalliferous Mining, Civil Infrastructure, Quarrying (Extractive) and Drilling sectors. As outlined in a ‘Compact with Industry’, the RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package does not prescribe how an individual should be trained. Trainers and supervisors develop learning strategies - the 'how' - to support an individual learner's needs, abilities and circumstances.

  • 29.04.2015

    Industry Engagement

    Collaboration with our Industry partners lies at the heart of our work. In developing competency standards that meet current and emerging skills needs of Industry, we work to a rigorous Industry engagement strategy that is designed to support Industry validation of these standards and related materials on a regular basis. We work for, with and on behalf of Industry to deliver solutions that support Industry’s productivity goals and business imperatives, allow Industry to access a sustainable and competent workforce and support Industry’s goal of a zero harm work environment.

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