About Us

About Us

Through its consultation with Industry, SkillsDMC produces Industry validated standards that are recognised globally to meet skilling needs.

SkillsDMC is the global leader in defining skills competency standards and workforce development strategies for the Resources and Infrastructure Industry, representing the following sectors:

  • Coal Mining
  • Metalliferous Mining
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Quarrying (Extractive)
  • Drilling

SkillsDMC’s core functions

SkillsDMC’s intimate understanding of workforce competencies required in global operating environments is unparalleled. 

Competency Standards

SkillsDMC Units of Competency specify the skills and knowledge required to perform effectively in the workplace. The Skills Competency Recognition Framework, containing Units of Competency, is developed in consultation with and endorsed by Industry.

Verification of Competency

SkillsDMC's Verification of Competency resources assess skills against the standards set out in the Industry recognised Units of Competency. Verification of Competency enables an organisation to evaluate the competence of an individual and their capactiy to undertake their workplace duties effectively and safely.

Consulting and Advocacy

SkillsDMC offers hands-on consulting and advice on:

  • Workforce planning and critical skills analysis
  • Growth forecasting and analysis
  • Policy advice and consulting for Industry and Governments
  • Capacity building services and ongoing mentoring

SkillsDMC offers a range of resources to assist organisations to skill and assess against Units of Competency.

These resources include:

  • Assessment materials and assessor guides
  • Trainer guides

This experience and knowledge enables SkillsDMC to deliver innovative skilling solutions that meet the real-time demands of operating companies around the world. Underpinning the delivery of these solutions, SkillsDMC conducts research and workforce analysis, identifies skills gaps aligned to business imperatives, defines training needs at both organisational and regional levels and develops leading assessment resources. 

SkillsDMC's competency standards and workforce solutions are reviewed continuously to ensure accuracy and relevance through partnerships with Industry and governments including:

  • Operating companies from Mining; Drilling; Civil Infrastructure; and Quarrying sectors
  • Suppliers to the Mining sector
  • Industry peak bodies and representatives
  • Governments
  • Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)

Established in 2003, SkillsDMC has worked with clients from the public and private sectors in the design and implementation of skilling standards across the Resources and Infrastructure Industry globally.

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