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About Us

SkillsDMC is the global leader in the development and implementation of skills competency standards linked to occupational outcomes for the Resources and Infrastructure Industry. In support of these standards, we have a range of services and methodologies designed to assist our clients in implementing these standards to meet business and operational needs.

SkillsDMC is recognised by Industry and the Australian Government as the advisory body providing consultancy services and advocacy on the skills and workforce development needs of the Resources and Infrastructure Industry. Its goal is to help improve Industry's production by achieving a sustainable, competent workforce that operates in a 'zero harm' environment. Such is the quality and reputation of SkillsDMC it now delivers innovative solutions to Industry workforce challenges internationally and advocates on behalf of Industry worldwide.

In partnership with the Australian Government, SkillsDMC engages directly with Industry leadership, which allows it to meet its responsibility for defining Industry skill specifications, providing best practice workforce planning and development solutions, as well as facilitating access to skills investment programs.

Under an arrangement with the Australian Government, SkillsDMC is responsible for facilitating the skilling needs of Industry stakeholders. SkillsDMC also works closely with the Resources and Infrastructure Industry, governments, employer and employee bodies and communities, as well as training organisations and Industry and training regulators to strive for quality, and for Industry-led vocational education and training arrangements within the National Training System. Established in 2003, SkillsDMC has successfully worked with clients from the public and private sectors in the design and implementation of skilling standards applied across the Resources and Infrastructure Industry globally.

A particular strength is the development of the Australian Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package (Skills Competency Recognition Framework) which is referenced world-wide as an industry standard. This standard is adopted by Industry and governments to support workforce development and skilling strategies. SkillsDMC has proven capability in shaping and delivering workforce development solutions to address skills needs at an enterprise, regional and national level.

Underpinning the delivery of solutions, SkillsDMC conducts research and workforce analysis, identifies skills gaps aligned to business imperatives, defines training needs analysis at an enterprise and regional level and develops leading learning and assessment materials.  In delivering a broader provision of services to Industry, SkillsDMC drives public policy activities on behalf of Industry to influence changes to funding and quality skilling outcomes relevant to the workforce through quality training supported by public and private sector delivery systems.

For more information, contact us at: skillsdmc@skillsdmc.com.au

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